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People who have a general interest in science are likely to dismiss evolution as a soft science after absorbing the pop science nonsense that abounds.

The impression of it being a soft science is reinforced when biologists in unrelated fields speculate publicly about evolution.

When a spermatozoon pierces an ovum it loses its tail as the two cell fuse. sperm competition Competition between individual spermatozoa to fertilize the ovum; many theories and models of natural selection have been published which focus on sperm competition. The process during which spermatids mature into fully functional spermatozoa. sporulation (also sporogenesis) /spore-yə-LAY-shən/ n.

It unites all the fields of biology under one theoretical umbrella.

It is not a difficult concept, but very few people -- the majority of biologists included -- have a satisfactory grasp of it.

saccule /SACK-yool/ (1) a small sac; (2) the lesser of two sacs within the vestibule of the inner ear. salpinx (pl salpinges) /SAL-pinks, sal-PIN-jeez/ n. saltation (also saltatory evolution) /sawl-TAY-shən/ n. The production of new types of organisms via rapid, discontinuous processes; used in opposition to the term gradualism. A human spermatozoon is about 0.005 mm (0.002 in) in length. A ring of muscle controlling passage of an orifice. A developmental defect characterized by failure of fusion of vertebral arches, with or without protrusion and dysplasia of the spinal cord or its membranes. Three spirochete genera, Borrelia, Leptospira, and Treponema, contain organisms that are important causative agents of human disease spiroscope /SPIGH-rō-skope/ n. The name is derived from the Latin term lusus naturae, "sport of nature," which expressed the idea that nature was in some way play a game and entertaining itself when it made new organisms in this way.

Saliva contains enzymes that begin the digestive process. salt Sodium chloride (Na Cl); more broadly, any chemical compound composed of a positive ion other than hydrogen, and a negative ion, other than the hydroxyl group. A biologist who believes evolution is a saltatory process. Generally, satellite DNA appears as separate bands because each band contains many copies of a specific highly repetitive sequence with a specific density due to its particular GC-to-AT ratio. During spermatogenesis, spermatozoa form in huge quantities within the seminiferous tubules of the testes. It has an oval, flattened head containing a haploid nucleus. MORE INFORMATION | PICTURE sphincter /SFING-ter/ n. In humans, it gives rise to all the nerves of the trunk and limbs. The prominence at the posterior extremity of a vertebra. A genus of helical microorganism belonging to the family Pseudomonadacea (Spirillum minus is the causative agent of rat-bite fever). Any member of Spirochaetes, a phylum of helical bacteria. splicing The process of joining adjacent exons after the removal of an intervening intron. Inflammation of, and resulting damage to, the vertebrae. A supposed process — that has never actually been observed — in which living things arise from nonliving matter. The term is usually applied to plants, but sometimes, especially in older literature, also to animals (for example, Darwin called the Ancon sheep a sport). Ejected saliva mixed with mucous and sometimes pus. The most diverse order of Class Reptilia; includes the lizards, snakes, and worm lizards. (1) (also: squamate) scale-covered, scaly; (2) scale-like (as in the cells of squamous epithelial tissue); (3) (also: squama) the anterior portion of either temporal bones in humans and many other mammals (PICTURE 1 | PICTURE 2).

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Bomber Salman Adebi spoke to his nuclear scientist mother on the phone in Tripoli shortly before he detonated the device on Monday night.

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